Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



February 19th - March 20th

Frustration born out of a sense of stagnation will make you aggressive today. And while you are not likely to be able to meet all your deadlines, you will still make enough of an impact for people to realise the importance of your presence. Worry not, for things will take a turn for the better soon, says Ganesha.

This Week

This week, you will be more involved in and committed to your work, and will realise that there really is no place like home. The focus, therefore, will once again be on family and home, says Ganesha. Dealing with parents, in-laws and relatives will increase considerably, and you will share a lot about your life with them. You will be exceedingly nice and caring towards children, the old, the disabled and the sick.

This Month

You will have to labour to get whatever you desire, which also suggests that work will be at the forefront once again, says Ganesha. Marriage is on the cards, but it will not happen unless you really want it; your family members will not be able to impose it on you. Health may be an issue of concern. You probably just have to get back to your routine medical check-ups to avoid falling ill, more so because both family and work will make increasing demands on your time. At work especially, streamlining tasks and focusing on new projects and assignments will keep you busy throughout the month. Also important will be the need to build new contacts.

This Year

The year 2011 looks set to offer a mixed platter to you. The four Fs of food, finance, family and fun are going to be your support system during the year. Socialising, friends, partying shall keep you happily occupied. Your powerful stars may make you trip over a treasure-box or hit a jackpot! During the first six months of the year, indications of buying, selling, leasing and income augmentation are quite strong. Jupiter in your 2nd House will ensure gain of wealth. Later when it moves to your 3rd House, communications will become very crucial. Material comforts will add to your pleasures. Yet beware, as matters related to tax, legacy, property or other legal issues may get troublesome during mid-year. Take good care of yourself towards the end of the year. Ganesha also warns you against expressing yourself freely on social media. Saturn in your 8th House may mean some problems. Have fun, but measure your words and actions to make the most of this potent year.