Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



December 22nd - January 20th

It takes years of hard work, optimism and unceasing support of loved ones to reach the pinnacle of success. But you will only have to be tactful, says Ganesha. You will take matters more seriously today and will treat your subordinates as equals for achieving your targets. At home, you will spend some quality time with family members and realise that they need you more than anything else.

This Week

Having built a strong foundation of reliable relationships, you will now turn your attention to improving your professional life. Ganesha advises you to avoid nursing negative thoughts, especially if you have a decision to take on an important matter. You will be attracted to a career that challenges your intellectual abilities. But donĂ¢€™t push yourself too hard, you might just end up exerting yourself too much, not to mention the financial crunch it may leave you in.This Month

You may have brilliant ideas and even the expertise of the best man in the business, but no amount of hard work or strategising will help yield the desired results unless you have the required money, says Ganesha. You will realise this and focus all your attention on money related activities. For those of you engaged in jobs, promotion and perks will be crucial. Some good investments are also likely this month, but you will have to proceed with caution lest you lose it all. Both existing work and new projects will find you bargain a good deal in a bid to make profit. But amid so many involvements, donĂ¢€™t forget to spare some time for your family.

This Year

Home and heart will literally rule you Goats in 2011. Besides being your usual rational self, you will also be homely and full of love. Relations with parents and elders will foster; you may need to tend to them. Jupiter in your 4th House will ensure that your heart remains where your home is! Professionally too, there will be many demands on you. Saturn in 10th House will direct tremendous hard work and pressure, along-with neck tight competition, towards your way. But rest assured, your status and prestige are likely to touch newer heights and you will sail through. Do remember to measure your steps, actions and even thoughts, though. Too many expectations from others may take a toll on your health. Jupiter in 5th House later in the year will mean goodies of life, love, imagination, hobbies and entertainment. Travel and long journeys are a probability. Ganesha.s tip let your heart and intuition rule over your analysis sometimes! And, remain humble, sweet and positive, whenever you can.