Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



November 23rd - December 21st

Goldfinger might just be your nickname today. Whatever you take up to do will yield results much more than expected. You would not shy away from showering praise on others for their contribution. Beloved ones will be the cynosure of your attention. Ganesha, however, advises you to be prudent when spending on them.

This Week

  This week, the focus will shift a little from you to your surroundings. You will be busy sprucing up the place that you call home. Buying a new house, carrying out large-scale renovations, buying new furniture for the house, and even making changes in the house to suit Vaastu norms will be few of the activities you may carry out during this week. Moreover, you will work towards strengthening the bond with your loved ones.

This Month

 Your desire to uplift your image in the society will be fulfilled this month. Creativity is highlighted for the month, and hence writers and those involved in the media industry will be an edge above the others. Your confidence will know no bounds, and hence it seems the perfect time to appear for competitive exams and interviews. Profitable deals will come your way and you will grab every single opportunity. Another source of joy will be your children or grandchildren who will make it a point to keep you happy. The Archers desire of having a baby will also be fulfilled. You will hold your head high with pride as your achievements will be overwhelming.

This Year

Stars urge you Archers to pull up your socks, and get ready for the race in 2011. Let your ambitions soar! Your work shall give you a new mission in life. And, your action orientation will bring you immense job satisfaction. You are likely to be loaded with work, but with equal doses of power and self-esteem in 2011. A die-hard romantic yourself, youll seek equally romantic expressions from your beloved. This feeling of love will find you in the pink of your health, as it is an excellent period for health too. However, stay away from sweet temptations and over indulgences. Jupiter first in your 5th House and later in the 6th House indicates time for entertainment as well as demands of duties. Saturn in your 11th House may cause delays, but it itself will give you ideals, hopes and wishes. Dont get disheartened if any of your wishes remain unfulfilled. Ganeshas mantra for success work on being adjusting and accommodating and rest shall fall in place!