Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



May 21st - June 21st

Today, you are likely to over-react during a minor argument, and the tiff may blow out of proportion. Ganesha advises you to get a grip on your temper. You are a brave person and youll need a lot of it today, mostly for accepting your own mistakes. If you are into retail business, its a profitable day for you.

This Week

You will start this week with enthusiasm and will be excited about almost every activity that grabs your attention. Family will be your source of strength and inspiration, motivating you to undertake and accomplish tasks that you may have found difficult in the past, says Ganesha. Property matters, land, construction and even renovation may keep you occupied throughout the week. You may also have to face certain social hindrances, conflicts or disappointments.

This Month

The feeling that you deserve the best in life will turn into conviction this month. At work, better ideas will flood your mind, and you will exude confidence at every level, says Ganesha. Interaction with people, be it at conferences or interviews, will find you at your best. This ability to communicate with ease may also bring you tangible rewards, and the same may hold true on the home front. But its not going to be a smooth sail all the way. You will need to be serious about the extent to which you can go to earn extra bucks. Love is on the cards too, but Ganesha says you may have to go through a painful experience.

This Year

A year full of love, feelings and emotions waits ahead for you Twins. Jupiter, the Jovial Jove shall be in your 11th House of love, entertainment, children and pleasure from January 23 to June 3, 2011. No wonder then that you will literally be pushed into the arms of love. Your enthusiasm for life will surge, and so will your good luck and opportunities to socialise. Other things that will delight you during the year are new friendships, favours, promotions, good news. A wish-fulfilment is also on the cards. Later, when Jupiter moves to your 12th House, your faith in God and spirituality will increase. Remain ready for some not-so-pleasant results of this placement though, which includes enemies, secret affairs, expenses. Saturn in your 5th House will also yield mixed results like creativity, marriage or maybe separation. Minor planets too will do their bit by giving you confidence, popularity, hope, spiritual strength and inventiveness. Funds and finances shall shape up nicely, adds Ganesha. Raise your head and stride ahead!