Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



June 22nd - July 22nd

You must get ready yourself to handle a few usual situations in an unusual way, foretells Ganesha. You will probably learn a few lessons in public psychology during the afternoon. Before arriving at any crucial decision, weigh the pros and cons with an unbiased mind, says Ganesha.

This Week

Convinced that your creative ideas are indeed unique and worthy of being implemented, you will start to put in efforts to realise your goals. The focus this week will be primarily on work, improving performance and achieving success, says Ganesha. However, the pleasure that you seek to fulfil your personal desires will come not from work but from family, hobbies, recreation and increased interaction. Pets and children will be a source of bonding and emotional gains.

This Month

  Your needs will multiply, compelling you to adopt a more practical approach to life. Finance will be at the forefront and will divert your attention to money-related activities. You will endeavour to give your best to get the best in life. Be it loans, joint finance, investments or charity, your focus will centre around money. But Ganesha advises you to exercise discretion and figure out what works best for you. It is also advisable to be judicious while using your resources; a careless attitude may lead to a lot of problems. This apart, you will try to meet the increasing demands of your family members and ensure that they get all the luxuries of life, and, of course, your love.

This Year

You Crabs can expect to have a roaring start to the year when mighty Jupiter moves to your 10th House of confidence, work, business early in the year. This implies that Jupiter shall rest in the zenith of your solarscope- awesome! The 5Ps of prestige, power, position, perks and pelf will work as strong pillars for you in 2011. Your intelligence and quick-wit will let you soothe some ruffled feathers. Financially, you will be well-off; in fact youll do too well with Jupiters help. Investments, real estate deals and joint finances shall bring in further success. Colleagues and bosses will be supportive and teamwork will be useful. When Jupiter later moves to your 11th House, expect things to get even better in all spheres of life. Saturn, that has been in your 4th House, will make you focus on your personal and domestic life. Retirement, climax, finalities are a possibility, and so are delays and challenges. Dont neglect yourself amidst all the chaos, though, warns Ganesha, and things shall turn out well.