Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



July 23rd - August 23rd

Making new friends is like having cookies: one is never enough. Ganesha sees that you take this idea quite seriously, and will make all the efforts to swell your circle of friends today. It is a good thing, since your new friends may prove to be useful to you in times of need. On a more personal front, Ganesha says your feelings need a free expression in the evening. So, mush things up a bit, light a few candles and lay out a spread. Invigorate the romantic ambience for you and your sweetheart.

This Week

You will be adventurous and eager to move ahead. The favourable upward trend will continue. Research, new academic avenues, discoveries and inventions, as well as sports will take your fancy. Ganesha blesses you with the love and affection of children. New vistas of glory will open up. You will spend quality time with friends, colleagues and peers. Personal growth and practical gains will keep you in a good mood.
This Month

How important it is to build contacts and maintain relationships is a lesson you will have learnt by now. The focus this month will be on taking these contacts and relations a step further and making them work in your favour. Reaching out to more people will be your fundamental aim, and this calls for creating bonds, rapport and increased communication in every sphere of your life. In fact, how you deal with people and the kind of relation you develop will determine your overall progress, says Ganesha. Also, you will need to contemplate and discuss the success of a proposed plan, partnership or project; there is all the likelihood that you may be lucky this time.

This Year

With zest and gusto for life, Lions can surely look forward to get ahead in all walks of life in 2011. From January to June, Jupiter will be in your 9th House the House of love, luck and laughter. This is a perfect time for travel, research and higher learning. Parents, relations with in-laws, cousins, elders will feature on your list. Have fun yet never let all the highs go to your head. Home affairs, friends and work will become very demanding as Jupiter moves to your 10th House in June. Remain relaxed or all the hard work may adversely affect your health. Saturn in your 3rd House will affect communications, contracts and connectivity. A time to be cautious, especially for those who deal in games of chance - stock markets and lotteries, warns Ganesha. Mars, which connotes energy and drive will lend you a helping hand towards the end of the year. There may be delays or disappointments, but overall, a thumping good year for Lions.