Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



September 24th - October 23rd

Its an early day for a successful start to a new joint business venture, so do not lose any time and get going. Carry on in the same enthusiasm, and you will generate magnificent results at work later in the day. Remember, it is the loved ones who shall prove to be very valuable for you today. But then again, it is always the loved ones who are the most valuable, reminds Ganesha.

This Week

The past couple of weeks may have been exhilarating, but its time now you got ready to deal with yet another of those trying times. A taxing week making a huge demand on your time is what Ganesha has predicted for you. Although there are chances of wish fulfilment, anxiety may keep you tensed all the time. Work issues and financial ones will go hand-in-hand, while on the personal front, love and animosity will come in equal measure.
This Month

 This month will prove to be lucky for you, says Ganesha. You will get what you ask for, and also what you may not have expected. Its the perfect time to switch jobs, seek a promotion or foray into a new venture. Both ideas and opportunities will be in abundance, leading to gains, which could be either monetary or something less tangible but as satisfactory. And since so much will be happening around you, it goes without saying that you will be busy as hell. Your impressive performance, especially the ability to lend a creative perspective to the most uninteresting work, may bag you the goodwill of your boss. Chances of a promotion are also high.
This Year

 Love and relationships seem to be the buzzword for you balanced-ones during 2011. Jupiter in your 7th House will make you forceful utilise the power carefully; dont forgo understanding and pliability at any time. Whether its with your spouse, business partner or sweetheart, be ready for both highs and lows. At times when you feel lonely, scared - introspection and self-reflection shall rescue you. Saturn in your sign indicates - the more you unravel your own self, more successful and calmer you will become. Chances of disappointments and delays can be allayed by being spiritual and charitable. Meditation, chanting of mantras, praying to Lord Hanuman and yoga can be great healers, use them to your advantage. Jupiter in your 8th House from June onwards will give you vigour, good health, balance and phenomenal growth in your career. Relationships and harmony, balance and beauty are the ingredients for a peaceful life, says Ganesha. Be sure to remain positive and committed to your goals, amidst this period of changes,