Welcome In Shree Ganesh Vani

14 Feb 2011



October 24th - November 22nd

A day to get those feet up and enjoy the luxuries of life with your spouse, predicts Ganesha. At work, your table is the best table to get jobs done. Unknown benefactors will support your cause and help you progress, predicts Ganesha.

This Week

This week, you may find your mind functioning at two different levels of consciousness. Routine life will be one of the two facets while the other, more significant, one would be the mood of contemplation and meditation, says Ganesha. You will coalesce them beautifully to meet both physical and spiritual demands. It may sound surreal, but it's no mean feat. Those around you may, in fact, be envious of your ability to handle chaotic situations calmly.

This Month

 This month will be spent executing projects that you may have planned in January, says Ganesha. But it will be equally important to pay attention to family and personal relationships, as every other important matter will revolve around it. Finance related activities, be it buying, selling or investments, will bring substantial gains. In fact, money won't really be an issue this month. Your pockets may not weigh heavy all the time, but you will have enough. Professional growth, in terms of promotion or acknowledgement of efforts, is likely on the work front. Romance, creativity, hobbies and speculation will also grab your interest, and all of these will help you regain confidence in yourself and in what you undertake.
This Year

Two areas, as always, guide your life this year too health and love. Scorpios, 2011 is all about managing relationships and maintaining health to make your life worthwhile. Professionally, the year looks great with promotions lined up. If recession has spoilt your career, it is time to cheer up, as you may now bag your dream job. Jupiter in your 6th House will ensure that you have your hands full with work related to finances, relationships with subordinates, colleagues and taxes, funds and loans. Health needs careful consideration, though. Besides adequate exercise, try to be optimistic and maintain a sunny disposition. Travel, business and pilgrimages shall keep you occupied during the year; expenses may mount. Make sure you keep your valuables in a safe vault. Ganeshas advice be flexible, accept change; no ones perfect, neither I, nor you! Jupiter moves to your 7th House later in the year, making you lovey-dovey again. 7th House refers to bonds like marriage and also to public relations, crowds and audience. Bring it on!